SEO Brooklyn area blog

Do you struggle with what to say in a blog? Are you fighting with finding the time to write your blogs? At Elf Media, we can handle all of the blog posts for you. This ensures you have new content online at all times – keeping your guests intrigued and your SEO up-to-date on the internet.

Blog posts need to be posted at least once a week. This will provide more keywords out on the internet and provide more backlinks to help you with search engine ranking. It will also tell customers what they need to know about your company. If you’re not blogging often enough, it can cause problems within your business. Many customers may even question your commitment to the business.

Blogging takes time. This may be time that you don’t have. Rather than not posting to your blog, we can assist you every step of the way. We will sit down with you to determine what you want your blog to say. We will then assign our copywriters to the job of creating content for your blog.

Here are some of the things you can expect with your blog posts:


The blog posts on your site should be talking about your company, your products or your industry. When you provide more information to site visitors, you demonstrate your knowledge of the industry. This can go a long way in setting yourself apart from your competition.

You aren’t the only one in your industry. Whether you are ecommerce or not, you have to acknowledge the other companies out there – often doing the same thing you are doing. What can you offer that they cannot? These are the issues that you need to address in your blogs.

At Elf Media, we have done a lot of research to determine what a blog should and shouldn’t be. This isn’t the time to include a lot of material. The material that is presented needs to be short – it should be easy for someone to scan and read the information to determine how to proceed. If you complicate matters with too many words, you may intimidate people and they’ll skip the blog – as well as the rest of your site.

Depending on whether you are trying to sell or inform, we will let our copywriters know. This will ensure the right keywords are chosen to get the results you are looking for. Your customers will then know what is expected of them – should they want to contact you for a consultation? Make a purchase? All of these are possible with blog posts.

If you fail to maintain your blog, it may halt progress. Consumers may stop visiting, you may lose your site ranking and you may even stop selling. These are not issues that you can afford to let happen. Blogging doesn’t have to take up all your time – or any of your time. Let Elf Media show you how things can be done easier and more effectively.