Do you sell items on your website? Do you want to sell more? Whether you currently have the capability to sell products on your website or not, the professionals at Elf Media can show you how to enhance your site to convert more visitors, entice more customers and create an easier time fulfilling orders so you can benefit from word of mouth marketing.

Your ecommerce website can become the most effective selling tool you have.

With the right design, you can increase conversion rates. Ultimately, this means more site visitors are not only looking but buying. You can have full control of your design, once we create the design and show you how to interact with the content.

Consider the following components within the design:

We will design the website for you to ensure customers can get around your website easily to find what they are looking for. The more information you provide them with, the more educated they can become about the items. You want them to choose you as their online store. If you fail to make your site easy to navigate, provide them with a photo of the item or give them a secure connection for the check-out process you will lose them.

There are solutions for every budget. You don’t have to create the next best online shopping experience. You do have to provide clear details about what people are buying, identify who you are and simplify the checkout process. Once you accomplish these goals, you can choose how many bells and whistles you want to accompany your ecommerce site.

Our design experts can provide you with the E-commerce site you need to get noticed and sell more items. The designers will be able to create a custom design that offers:

Believe it or not, come customers need to be told what to do. If you aren’t telling them what you sell, where to click and what to buy, they won’t do anything but look around. Additionally, people can get confused if your site isn’t consistent from page to page. Choose a design and stick with it. This will help you to identify your brand and help customers to realize they are still on your website.

We offer a lot of different tools to help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to offer promotions on a regular basis or you want people to be able to check out quickly, we can address those needs within the design of your website. We cover everything from saved shopping carts to shipping calculators.

The more helpful your site is to your customers, the easier it will be to experience repeat customers. We also offer an array of marketing tools to help customers remember who you are and keep shopping with you. We offer social media marketing, email marketing and more so your customers are always in the loop with the happenings of your E-commerce site.