Elf Media is an internet marketing firm that does web design in Brooklyn and offers an array of services. The expertise of our staff includes search engine optimization, link building and social media marketing. With our expertise, we will provide you with the basis needed to market across the internet. This will help you to find your niche and have the strong online presence demanded of you.


Being a full service marketing firm, we are able to provide services where you need them the most. This can include web design, copywriting, development and much more. We will work with you to determine where your needs lie and then prioritize them to get you the results you are after.

Having a great looking website is all well and good, but you also need it to be located by potential customers on the internet. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. At Elf Media, we

Our experience with SEO is significant. What this means for you is that we will perform these tasks with speed and accuracy. You need a company that is able to deliver results quickly – and we have proven that we can do this over and over again. We have worked with many clients to make adjustments to a website to make it perform with more power. The code and content can be enhanced to be in the top ranked positions of search engines – driving more traffic and delivering more business to your website.will assist you in creating a reachable site that is influential and filled with solid content. This will help for users to find you as well as for automated spiders on the internet to fetch the words necessary to be indexed on the internet. This includes working with you to establish what keywords you should be targeting to reach your demographic.

Elf Media understands link building as well. Optimizing your website requires simple navigation for your site visitors as well as for those automated spiders. When more information can be found by the average browser, you benefit. We will optimize anchor text, interlink your content and do all that it takes to maximize the return. High traffic can be built with links – and that’s how you can enjoy the successful business you always knew you were capable of.

With social media becoming more important with each passing day, you can rely on Elf Media for assistance in this area as well. Our social media team will increase traffic and sales in a number of ways. Constructing a powerful brand for yourself online is a critical part of this process. Through blog optimization, Facebook and Twitter, as well as content-rich pages, you can have more purpose and more branding in place. When word of mouth marketing spreads, you can watch your sales soar.

Our services are extensive. We hire only the best staff who understands that the client comes first. Our staff knows how to listen and delve into the needs of our clients. We know that every client’s needs are different – and therefore we know that every service must be customized to meet those individual needs.