Web design in New York is sought by businesses to interact well with other businesses.

B2B or Business to Business websites are one of our specialties. We will help you to determine how effective your current website is and how it can be improved. If you don’t currently have a website in place, we can also work with you from the ground up to ensure you are offering a website that provides other businesses with what they need from you.

It all starts with your target audience. What businesses are you catering to? How are other websites similar to yours targeting their audiences? You need to establish the answers to all of these questions and we can help you. Our market research can be used to show you what works and what doesn’t so you don’t waste any time or money in the development of your website.

A customized website can be built to address all of your goals. Such things may include:

Once the website is created that will meet your needs, the marketing strategy will then be crafted. This is the area that will focus on growing your business. Depending on the nature of your business, one marketing strategy may be better than another. We will look at such tactics including:

We may use one or more of the tactics together to create the ideal marketing platform for your B2B website. The online marketing will then be monitored continuously to see which strategies are working and which ones need to be updated to provide you with the best results.

Not all marketing strategies work. What sets Elf Media apart from other marketing companies is that we understand this – and work to improve things. If a pay per click marketing strategy isn’t working, we will be monitoring it. We will know it’s not working before you waste a lot of money on marketing that isn’t providing you with the desired results.

Conversion optimization is a specialty of ours. With B2B websites, you need to ensure those who are browsing your site are becoming customers. Businesses have many of the same needs as consumers – once you identify these needs, it will be easier to have an effective B2B website on the internet.

We will design and develop all of the website components and marketing strategies for you. We do this to create a long-term partnership with you. Online marketing and web design is an ongoing process. Website support is critical because you want to maintain a fresh website that is always compatible with new browsers and browser updates.

At Elf Media, we know that it’s hard to do all of the web design and content on your own. We have the services needed to make the difference. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and find out what services you can take advantage of to make your life easier. With our extensive list of services, you may find that we can help you in other areas of your business as well.