Your website has to be compatible and fresh at all times. If someone visits your site over and over again, you want to make sure it is displaying new information. More importantly, you want to make sure it is displaying correctly. With so many changes taking place regularly with browsers, your website needs to be compatible at all times – otherwise visitors may not be able to see all of the content. At Elf Media, we will provide you with the necessary website support that you need to have a great website online at all times. With a great website, you can attract more customers. Our entire team is prepared to help you with the services you require. Find the support you need with: 

An account manager will be assigned specifically to your account. This will ensure your website is being managed and monitored on a regular basis to provide you with the changes necessary for your ongoing success. You will also receive reports from this account manager on a regular basis to provide you with details as to what’s going on.

We will provide you with the website support based upon your needs. With so many services, they are designed to fit the budget and requirements of every company.

Website compatibility optimization is perhaps the most important aspect of your website. If your website cannot be viewed by all browsers, you may be missing out on potential customers. Visitors who cannot view your browser will hit the back button and go to a different website – a website of your competition. Your website can be made compatible with:

  • Various internet browsers and versions
  • Tablets
  • Mobile phones

Monthly website updates are also important. There’s nothing worse than visiting a website that still has their holiday clip art on display in June. It shows that they aren’t focused on the details. If they cannot be bothered to maintain their website, where else are they letting standards slip? These aren’t questions you want customers asking about your business. Our web designers will help to keep your site fresh with new content graphics. This will increase new traffic and keep repeat traffic coming back regularly.

Reports can also be given to you on a weekly basis to understand the traffic that your site is experiencing, as well as results from marketing strategies. You can find out about your page popularity, your conversion rates, form submissions and even where people are visiting from.

On a monthly basis, we will review your website. Our specialists will then consult with you to establish what the best strategy is to provide you with an up-to-date website. This may be adjusting the logo and design of your website, adding a sale, creating holiday features or even updating the content of your website. Whatever it is, we will help you so that you can present the freshest material possible to all who come and visit your website.